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HortusFox is a free and open-sourced self-hosted plant manager system that you can use to manage, keep track and journal your home plants. It is designed in a collaborative way, so you can manage your home plants with your partner, friends, family & more! By shipping the software as a self-hosted product, you are always master of your own personal data and thus are in full control over them. HortusFox is open-sourced MIT licensed software, so you can contribute to the software or make your own version of it.

HortusFox provides you with important features such as managing your home locations and assiging added plants to them. You can set various details about your plants such as specific attributes, preview photo, tags, notes, gallery photos and many more! The system also provides you with the opportunity to manage your inventory that is needed to care for your beloved plants. The tasks feature helps you to keep track of what you have to do in order to care about your plants. Also there is a collaborative group chat for your users to exchange important hints about what someone has done or what needs to be done. Of course there are many more features!

Lightweight But Effective Features

HortusFox provides you with simple but effective features

 Unlimited locations
 Unlimited plants
 Plant attributes
 Thumbnails & Gallery
 Tasks system
 Inventory management
 Group Chat
 Profile management
 Tags system
 Search feature
 Plants history
 Log history
 Theme system
 Admin section
 Docker ready

Ready for both mobile and desktop

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Download the latest version here.

Type Version Download
HortusFox Release v3.2 (latest)  Download
HortusFox Release v3.1  Download
HortusFox Release v3.0  Download

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