Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most asked questions with answers. If you don't find an answer here, feel free to contact us.

 Who is the target audience for this product? The system is destined for plant parents who want to keep track of their plants in their home. It is not designed for businesses.
 Is this product 100% free? Yes, HortusFox is 100% free and open-sourced under the MIT license
 Am I allowed to modify it? According to the license you can modify the product to fit your needs and also redistribute it as long as it fits the MIT license.
 How does the system run? It is a self-hosted system, so you need to run a web service in order to use the product. You can either run a server in your home or rent a server online. It is both ready for shared hosting as well as a docker environment.
 Does every user have the same privileges? No, as the admin of your workspace you can decide who also gets admin privileges. As opposed to general users, admins can manage the workspace settings, manage users and locations.
 What are the system requirements? The system runs on PHP 8.3 using a custom framework and MariaDB/MySQL as database. An SMTP mail server access is highly recommended. Please see the installation notes for a detailed system requirements list

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